Sculpture shown by Victoria Brailsford

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Fragment I
A Winter Story
Shine On
Bit and Bites
Lily of Ancient Seas
Pebbles on Sand
Individually hand built bird on a champagne cork by Deborah Fox
Silver Leaf Curlew
Red Squirrel by Deborah Fox
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Lovestruck Hares
Bodacious Beagle sculpture made from epxoy clay and silver leaf
Double Silverleaf Scotties
Silverleaf Scotties
Sheep and a Hill
Windy Walk
Bronze free standing hound standing on a waxed block of elm
Bronze free standing sculptures on waxed oak block. Tree and dog by Victoria Brailsford.
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Bronze leaping hound on polished oak block. Limited edition by Victoria Brailsford
Free Standing Bronze Guinea Fowl with verdigris finish. Sitting on a waxed oak block. By Victoria Brailsford.
Owl on a Bough
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Two individually hand built birds in mixed media (epoxy clay) Verdigris finish. Sitting on heather branches inserted into an antiqued gilt and brown box frame. £180
Look before you leap
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