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A moment in time
Down the Lane-linocut-Cat Moore
Down the Lane-linocut-Cat Moore
A Winter Story
Sold Out
After Chardin
Ah Butterfly
Alnmouth, Beached Boats
Alston Moor - Hand coloured etching - Jo Westgate
Ancient Horse
Approaching Storm
Arrival, departure
Arrowhead - Stephanie Jamieson - Smoke fired ceramics
Arthur - limited edition etching - Helen Fay
Ash and Cherry Stools - Robinson-Gay Cabinetmakers
Asparagus Platter - Ceramic - Sue Dunne
Sold Out
August Swifts - Linocut - Cat Moore
Autumn Seeds
Original oil painting by Walter Holmes. Bamburgh Castle from the dunes. Price £800
Basic Proposition
Beehive - Linocut - Jo Westgate
Sold Out
Bench - Drypoint - Jo Westgate
Sold Out
Sold Out
Two individually hand built birds in mixed media (epoxy clay) Verdigris finish. Sitting on heather branches inserted into an antiqued gilt and brown box frame. £180
Bit and Bites
Original ink and gouache study by Bernadette Koranteng
Bodacious Beagle sculpture made from epxoy clay and silver leaf
Bowl 1
Earthenwarevessel by Annabel Talbot
Earthenware vessel by Annabel Talbot
Three vessels by Annable Talbot
Brooding Edifice
Burn in the Snow
Buttermere Goldcrests by Emma Swift Kirkman
By the light
227 results