Collection list

Bowl 1
Earthenwarevessel by Annabel Talbot
Three vessels by Annable Talbot
Earthenware vessel by Annabel Talbot
Nude study by Bernadette Koranteng
Original ink and gouache study by Bernadette Koranteng
Seated woman study by Bernadette Koranteng
Study of a reclining nude in gouache and ink
Glass Coaster Sets
Hexham Abbey Photo Etchings
Unframed collographs
Brooding Edifice
The Oak and the Broom
Dove Cottage
Forecast Spring
Down the Lane-linocut-Cat Moore
Feast and Family - multi block linocut depicting a birds eye view of a family of 12 feasting on their Christmas lunch   - Cat Moore
August Swifts - Linocut - Cat Moore
The Archeologists
View to the Greenhouse
Fireweed & Furnaces - places fuelled by oak and iron
Original linocut from The Land of Oak and Iron Series
Hand painted jug
Sold Out
Vessel IV
Vessel III
Shine On
A moment in time
New Moon
Homage to Rousseau
Path Ascending
Northern Winter
Winter Redwing
Long Winter Shadows by Clare Money - oil on canvas
Sold Out
Alston Moor - Hand coloured etching - Jo Westgate
Approaching Storm
Long Winter Shadows by Clare Money - oil on canvas
Sold Out
Midwinter Walk - Original oil on canvas by Clare Money
Summer Scramble - oil on board - Clare Money
Scottish Shore
Sold Out
Linocut for the Curious
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Individually hand built bird on a champagne cork by Deborah Fox
Silver Leaf Curlew
Red Squirrel by Deborah Fox
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Lovestruck Hares
Winter Redwing
Summer Swifts
Buttermere Goldcrests by Emma Swift Kirkman
Dark Bordered Threads
Sold Out
Cascade (Hareshaw Linn)
Original pastel on paper by Fiona Carvell
Original pastel on paper by Fiona Carvell
Fragment III
Fragment II
Fragment I
Excavation of the North East Corner of Trench 4
Lobster - limited edition etching - Helen Fay
Thursday - Limited edition etching - Helen Fay
Standing to Attention II - etching - Helen Fay
Little Arthur
Sold Out
Geranium Pots